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A moving testimony of treatment at HOPE

"I didn't want to do anything, go anywhere.
I was tired of people staring and pointing...."

"I was tired of the effort it took to do anything. I was tired. It seemed that every year I waited and did nothing, things got worse. My health declined, my motivation was gone, my friendships began to fade, I didn't care, I was too tired. Ten years ago I had cancer surgery to remove a tumor in my left groin, then radiation, then left to recover. What I didn't know was that when the lymph nodes were removed the fluids in my leg had no where to go and began building up, causing the swelling, pain, discomfort, ill health and the balloon appearance.

"Then, one day, as I was looking on the Internet I came across something that I thought might help me, give me hope, HOPE Lymphedema Treatment Center and Tammy Sweed. I called, talked to a very warm, encouraging lady named Janice, who made me feel as if I was the most important person she talked to that day and I made an appointment.

"I have Lymphedema. It did not know it then, no one did. I went to many doctors and asked them why my leg ballooned up as it did. I complained that I wasn't feeling well, that nothing fit. I couldn't wear pants anymore because one leg was too big to fit in the pant leg. I couldn't wear normal shoes because my foot was so swollen it wouldn't fit. Not one person could diagnose my problem or help me until I met Tammy. That day my life changed. Appropriately named, Hope Lymphedema Treatment Center gives just that, hope. In a warm, caring environment I was treated with love and concern. I saw a hope for a future without the burden I had been carrying. Tammy told me in the beginning that if I followed her procedures, did everything she told me to do, I would see results. And I have. After only a few months with her special massage treatments, bandaging and expert care, my swollen, huge leg is back to it's regular size. I am able to participate in activities that I thought were lost to me and I have a renewed self-esteem that comes from having all the poisons out of my system.

"She gave me my life back. If anyone reading this has a swollen limb, don't wait like I did. Be proactive, go and see Tammy, follow her regimen and you WILL see results."


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