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Dancing Again - testimony of treatment at HOPE

I came to Hope Lymphedema Clinic because my feet and ankles were swollen and puffy, and walking was getting more and more painful. I was wearing tie-up shoes to squeeze my feet and keep them from getting any worse. That hurt so much, but I had to wear shoes for work. Forget ever wearing "pretty" shoes or sandals ever. My feet were like balloons.

Not being very optimistic, I went into Hope because my doctor had recommended I get help from a lymphedema specialist. At my initial consultation, Tammy asked me what my goals were. I told her I wanted to be able to keep up with my husband. After the very first treatment, I saw results I still can't believe. The swelling was completely and totally gone! I had ankles again and feet that looked normal! I came into the clinic dancing around ~ without pain ~ and told Tammy that my husband would have to keep up with ME now!

You never feel as if you're in a hospital but instead a warm, friendly home. The staff is professional. Yet at the same time, they treat you as family. I work 90 to nothing at two careers, rarely allowing myself time to relax and my treatments at Hope are like coming to a spa.

Before the swelling started, I was dancing several nights a week, enjoying a much more active life. I'm getting involved again and loving it. Tammy's given my life back to me, and I highly recommend her clinic to anyone experiencing swelling in their feet or ankles. I have to report, too, that I had a great time this past week cleaning out my bedroom closet. I slipped on shoes I hadn't been able to wear for 2 years and had a whole new shoe wardrobe! It was really fun! I also know I'll be able to go places and have fun with those grandchildren I'm waiting to have.

Oh, my first treatment at Hope was less than 3 weeks ago. The progress was unbelievably fast. I only wish I had found this clinic sooner. Thanks so much, Tammy Sweed! You're a miracle worker.

~ K


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