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Vitamin C

WHEN WINTER IS NIGH so are the colds and flu that people will contract. Boost your immune system with exercise to move the lymph system, get plenty of rest and water and take your Vitamin C and Citrus Bioflavinoids.

Being water soluble, Vitamin C it is not easily stored in body tissues so they must be supplied every day - thorough supplements and Vitamin C rich foods. Note that during times of stress - C is depleted quickly. Stress triggers the adrenal glands to produce more of a substance that uses up vitamin C in your body. Also, your bodily needs increase with age.

MOST OF US KNOW to take "C" when they have a cold, but there is so much more to this amazing vitamin! It's helpful to the lymph system. It gives lymphocytes enough vitality to effectively attack invading foreign bodies in the system. Vitamin C is vital to the formation of connective tissue in the body and supports iron absorption. It is also involved in amino acid metabolism and hormone synthesis. It's an antioxidant, promotes healthy sex organs, healthy adrenal glands, collagen and tooth formation. It's an infection fighter, helps heart tissue repair and is good for your mental health. It helps cardiovascular health by triggering enzymes which breakdown cholesterol and triglycerides.

Vitamin C's effectiveness is increased when taken with Bioflavinoids for a powerful combination against free radicals. Bioflavinoids comes from the peel and pulp of citrus.

If you ever find you bruise easily, taking Bioflavinoids you will notice a marked improvement quickly. This is because Bioflavinoids restore normal resistance to capillary walls - making them stronger. They have an "anti-adhesive" effect on blood cells - tending to prevent blood cells from clumping together in clots (though they do not interfere with clotting form to close an injury.) Naturally bioflavinoids are found in the white pithy part of the orange peel.

Clinical deficiency signs of Vitamin C - loose teeth, scurvy, bleeding gums, skin lesions and bruising.

Therapeutic applications - prevents cholesterol buildup, aging symptoms like wrinkles, hemorrhaging, anemia, arthritis, detoxifies, antiviral properties and enhances wound healing after surgery to name a few.


Best eaten raw or lightly steamed as cooking destroys nutritious vitamins and beneficial enzymes! Vitamin C foods include: Citrus, rose hips, green peppers, broccoli, spinach and tomatoes.

Bioflavinoid foods include: Peel and pulp of citrus, berries, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.


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