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Water is Essential

"I drink water when I'm thirsty"
      When you are thirsty is it a sign that you are already dehydrated.

Water is essential to a healthy body. Remember to drink plenty of purified water. 8-10 glasses a day is needed for the body under normal conditions. Some reports say to divide your weight in half - then drink that many ounces of water a day. (EX: 160 lbs divided by 2 = 80. Drink 80 ounces). When the body is hydrated, it works at its peak. Fluid and sodium retention decrease, gland and hormone functions improve, the liver breaks down and releases more fat and hunger is curtailed. Drinks loaded with with sugars or milk increase water needs instead of satisifying them. Commercial sodas leach several minerals from the body.

Increase your high water content raw foods like celery, cucumber, watermelon. When watermelon is in season - juice it! It makes a wonderful refreshing, hydrating juice. Blend in a blender and pour into a nut milk bag or piece of cheese cloth and squeeze. Peal and slice an entire cucumber - put the whole thing on your salad. Every meal that you can add just one more high water content raw food is a great thing for your body. When you find yourself craving something, reach for a glass of pure water first. Many times the body is dehydrated and sends mixed signals. So don't grab that soda - try a glass of water first.

Exercise every day to keep circulation and body metabolism free-flowing. You don't have to join a health club, walking is free. Start with what you can and build up to 30 minutes everyday. You will sleep better, feel better, look better. Take time for yourself!


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